Kanal-Centre Pompidou, Brussels
Masterplan competition, Pleyel
Mixed-use urban block, Arbon
Care Home masterplan, Sint Niklaas
Station Road Quarter, Harrow
Aylesbury Estate Phase II, London
Tour & Taxis residential quarter, Brussels
Mixed-use development, Cadix
Belgacom Tower and urban ensemble, Portus
Urban masterplan competition, PAV Etoile
Care home masterplan, Eke
Mixed use development competition, Sion
Linear Park, Dagenham
City library and public square, Mendrisio
Sustainable Industries Park, Dagenham
Housing masterplan, Barrier Park
Masterplan for landscape and housing, Gistel
Housing masterplan, Woolwich
Design Framework Plan, Woolwich
Design Framework Plan, Barking
Masterplan, Thorpe Arch
Landscape infrastructure, Sittingbourne