Wandsworth tower, Wandsworth
Mixed-use development, Cadix
Portus, Ghent
Suburban housing, Seebach
Gallneukirchen, Austria
Quartier de l'Adret competition, Geneva
Care home, Wingene
Zollstrasse, Zurich
Housing for older residents, Hampstead
House, Holland Park
Masterplan of harbour area, Oude Dokken
Sheltered housing and day care centre, Kortrijk
Hotel competition, Doha
House, Fulham
Care home competition, Eke
Colville Estate competition, Hackney
Urban housing competition, Hornbach
Mixed use competition, Europaallee
Tower house, Nutley
Campus Waegebrughe competition, Kruishoutem
House, Monte Castel San Pietro
Care home competition, Zollikon
Urban housing and studios, Nordbahnhof
Lakeside housing competition, En Sully
Care home competition, Grono
Suburban housing, Kriens
Suburban housing, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Garden building, Mereworth
Holiday house, Cadaqués
Suburban housing, Aldershot
Residential and leisure resort, Ostuni
Ten houses, Montemor-o-Novo
Urban housing and crèche, Rue du Cendrier
Urban housing, Erlenmatt
Urban housing, Canning Town
Care home, Huise-Zingem
Urban housing, Finsbury Park
Rural housing, Gunnislake
Urban housing, Westminster
Holiday house, Tisbury
Urban housing, Bow
Self-build housing, Tilbury
Suburban Housing, Walthamstow
Studio house, Bethnal Green
Emergency shelter prototype
Mixed use development, Wandsworth
Urban housing, Shepherdess Walk
House, Islington
Terraced house, Fulham
Terraced house, Somers Town
Prototype for suburban housing
Holiday house, Bridport
House, Chelsea
House, Caceres