Studio house, Bethnal Green,
London, UK, 2004

Located in a previously semi-industrial area of East London, the site occupies a piece of derelict land on a street of light industrial buildings and large pre-war housing blocks. The project proposes an ambiguous form that can be read both as an urban house and a simple industrial shed. The concept was generated by the complex requirements of the brief with four different programmes (two apartments, a studio for an artist and space for a therapy practice), by the extraordinary site footprint (4.5 x 20m) and planning constraints on massing and sightlines.

Like the industrial buildings adjacent to it, which have been re-appropriated over time, the external appearance of the building does not immediately announce its purpose. Entry from the street is via a porch, open on one side, with a mesh screen providing security and semi-privacy. Staircases are placed along one side in long flights and rooms are arranged around an open central courtyard. The rear of the building is a single storey with a roof terrace above it at fist floor level.

Project duration: 2000-2004
Gross internal area: 208 m2
Contract value: £270,000

Photographs: Ioana Marinescu