House, Fulham,
London, UK, 2014

The house is located in a typical early Edwardian residential terraced street within a conservation area in Fulham. The remodelling turned a single fronted house with a flat at ground floor and one at first floor level into a single larger dwelling.

Great respect was given to the typology of the terraced house, with the rear extension envisaged as a ‘garden room’, similar in atmosphere and external appearance to a conservatory with timber framed windows and doors providing views and access to the garden. Internally the composition of suites of rooms around the stair space at each level was retained and enhanced where possible.

The new rear extension at ground level was inspired by the ‘hall house’ plan devised by Mackay Hugh Bailie Scott, a member of the Arts and Crafts movement as an extended network of small, intimate spaces around the larger volume of a hall, with nooks and bay windows projecting to the garden. The combination of different spaces and the surprising height of the central space create a special and changing spatial atmosphere for family life to unfold.

Project duration: 2013-2014
Gross internal area: 200 m2

Photographs: David Grandorge