Cultural History Museum competition, Rønne,
Bornholm, Denmark, 2003

The architecture of the re-organised museum is intended to represent the character of the town, with its clusters of buildings arranged around open courtyard. Strong, simple forms reminiscent of 'smokehouses' and 'rundkirkes' are adjusted in accordance with the scale of streets and houses to make a new, but reconciliatory architecture.

The building is made of brick and monolithic in its presence. Soft in texture, with joints which are blurred by the wash of slurry over the surface, the bricks become more like aggregate within a conglomerate structure than distinct, stacked masonry units. Large windows with deeply angled reveals give the building an appropriately public character within the predominantly residential neighbourhood.  

Internal spaces are arranged to give the museum an atmosphere of openness. Gallery spaces, offices and archives are located within sight of one another to facilitate everyday working and emphasise the equivalence between viewing, research and cataloguing. 

Competition: 2003, third prize
Gross internal area: 3,050 m2