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We won the Freiham Nord masterplanning competition!

We are delighted to announce that we have won the competition for the Freiham Nord masterplan, an area 15 km west of the centre of Munich that covers 57 hectares and will provide 6,000 new homes. This is the second phase of a plan for extending Freiham, one of the few remaining areas within the Munich city boundaries which the city’s Department of Urban Planning has earmarked for housing up to 25,000 residents and providing 7,500 working spaces.

The complex programme integrates the recently completed first-stage development and includes housing, social and cultural facilities, shops, schools and nurseries, community and cultural facilities, as well as a concept for the management of traffic and public spaces.

The proposal was developed in collaboration with Studio Von Ballmoos Krucker Architekten, Hild und K Architektur, and Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur and inspired by the informal urban planning initiated by Theodor Fischer, the influential architect and urban planner who headed the Office of Urban Expansion from the late 1890s, author of the 1904 Staffelbauplan of Munich and a member of the German Garden City Movement.