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Ákos Moravánszky refers to SBa's investigation of brick construction in his new book

In Metamorphism Moravánszky explores how materials are "constructed", how they become cultural substances, and the complex relationship between natural materials and technology, science and sensuality. Analyses of built examples illustrate historical and contemporary approaches, including SBa's investigation of brick construction:

"(...) Jonathan Sergison and Stephen Bates make no reference to truth to materials but clearly point to Semper's theory of dressing as an inspiration for the work of their office. However, they assign the brick a specific identity, "authenticity and singularity" that they describe as "brickness". These characteristics are related not only to the simple manufacturability and prevalence of this simultaneously manual and industrial material but also to its timelessness -which results from its simplicity and geometry -, its historicity, and the multiplicity of ways in which it can be interpreted. The oscillation of the brick between an everyday object and a work of art for the gallery which distinguishes Sergison Bates' model of brick facades is a further consequence of the singularity of the material." (p.159)

Ákos Moravánszki
Metamorphism: Material change in architecture
Birkhauser, 2017