Town hall and library competition, Pratteln,
Switzerland, 2018

A single, relatively compact volume establishes a relationship with the neighbouring building by reinterpreting its formal character in a more abstract manner. The existing road between the school and new town hall is turned into a car-free zone, structured by a line of new trees, with a cycle lane and places to sit – a small, linear, urban park. A raised garden surrounded by a hedge is introduced at the east side of the building, delimiting a quiet shared space adjacent to the library.

A generously scaled entrance portico on the corner leads to a large double-height entrance hall – a flexible, multifunctional space for hosting public gatherings and events. Here, a wide staircase leads to the town hall reception area on the first floor, while the ground floor is occupied by the library, with its own separate entrance. On the upper floors the volume of the building is reduced, with two terraces on the fifth floor, while on the top floor, the council chambers and public spaces have access to two south facing terraces.

Competition: 2019
Gross internal area: 5500 m2