Maritime Museum, Antwerp,
Belgium, 2018

The competition brief invited proposals for a new, highly accessible museum of maritime artefacts and activities at the heart of a new Maritime Park in the north of Antwerp.

Our scheme proposes the repurposing of the existing dry docks, a listed nineteenth century pump-house and various existing shipbuilding structures along the new and old canals of the city. New structures organise the visitor experience, others are simply re-clad to create a coherent whole.

Designed in collaboration with noAarchitecten, the proposal celebrates Antwerp's maritime heritage by showcasing its substantial and varied collection and provides facilities for the restoration and preservation of its holdings.

Designed in collaboration with noAarchitecten, this proposal displays the substantial and varied collection of maritime heritage; connects visitors to the activities of shipping; and provided active workshops for restoration of items in the collection.

Competition: 2018
Gross internal area: approx. 10,000m2

Cartoons: noAarchitecten

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