Clandon Park competition, Surrey,
UK, 2017

Clandon Park House is an 18th Century Palladian mansion that suffered extensive fire damage in 2015. Left with little more than the façades and one room: the National Trust organised a competition for the rebuilding and reconfiguration of the house and how it is used.

Designed in collaboration with AOC, this scheme sought to showcase and recapture elements of the building’s architectural heritage and to broaden the building’s social significance. The most historically significant interiors were to be restored and supported by new sumptuous and vivid rooms used for performance and debate.

Beyond its identity as an established local landmark it was hoped Clandon would become known for its extraordinary future as much as its past. With a new landscape design by Tom Stuart-Smith the new life of the building would unfold beyond its walls; visitors would enjoy open access, with a whole host of engaging interpretation and active uses; and the site would be an everyday local resource, a unique place to meet the National Trust.

Competition: 2017

1 / 5