Care home, Wingene,
Flanders, Belgium, 2016

The care home is by far the largest building in a low-density, rural, residential neighbourhood. Its mass is mitigated by a stepped facade and multi-pitched roof. Outward facing courts break up the building’s perimeter; courtyards and light wells open up its interior to air and light.

On the ground level are a service centre and day-care centre; assisted-living and short-stay apartments. On the upper floors all rooms have views to the landscape and are clustered in 'households' around shared communal areas which are linked by wide circulation routes.

Traditional and familiar building materials were used in compliance with planning stipulations and detailed to imbue a modest civic character to this communal, multi-use building.

Competition: 2011
Project duration: 2011-2016
Contract value: €18 million
Gross internal area: 10,825 m2

Shortlisted for Brick Awards Worldwide 2016

Photographs: Kristien Daem

1 / 5