Care campus, Waegebrughe,
Kruishoutem, Belgium, 2018

Our ambition in designing these new residential care facilities was to evoke a home-like rather than institutional atmosphere, whilst integrating the building into a former monastery and the surrounding municipality.

Two compact buildings on either side of an existing church echo and reinforce the surrounding urban fabric, with their mass carved to respond to orientation and internal layout. The smaller building to the west of the church houses 24 apartments along an internal gallery, and a Wellness Centre. The larger building includes 102 residential rooms, 17 apartments, and a day-care centre.

The use of traditional elements, forms and materials integrate the buildings within the townscape and evoke a sense of comfortable familiarity for residents. The new façades are structured by stepping piers with fine precast concrete elements, which echo the buttresses of the original church. Subtle adjustments in the brick bonds and intricate detailing enrich the facade, while the coloured sunshades and loosely arranged windows give it colour and variation.

Competition: 2011
Project duration: 2013-
Gross external area: 13,875m2
Contract value: €24 million