Vienna housing development published in 'Best of Austria'

The PaN-Wohnpark housing development in Vienna is one of the 35 housing projects listed in 'Best of Austria - Architecture 2014-15' recently published by the Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.

"In a free interpretation of the principle of 'intercultural living', architects Werner Neuwirth (Vienna), Ballmoos Krucker (Zurich), and Sergison Bates (London) built a tripartite ensemble at the former North Railway station. The buildings, facing one another, enclose and define an open space, each one containing 28 to 32 dwellings. The basic layout of the buildings represents togetherness (concrete base with spacious entry porches, flat perforated facades with plaster finish, unified colour scheme), while the differentiation of the dwellings (interlocking ceiling heights, circulation) signals maximum individuality."