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The ercol stacking chair, Stephen Bates's everyday object at "Simple everyday" exhibition

"I bought my first ercol stacking chair at a car-boot sale for a few pounds and over the years picked up others in ones and twos from eBay to form a slightly mismatching but cohesive collection around our dining table. [...] 
Despite being mass produced, the combination of machine-turned legs and a frame with an almost hand-carved feel to the curved horizontal seat back and moulded seat makes it special and creates the impression that it has been ‘made by hand’. The seat and back have developed a patina through use that is emphasised by the softer and wider grain of the elm, while the beech frame and legs, less touched by hands and clothes, have darkened slightly over time but remain uniform and sharp.
The ercol chair is pragmatic, European, and sits comfortably within the eclectic setting of my home: the strong influence of Italian design from the 1950s gives it a formal refinement, the need for robustness and practicality in use lend it a certain comfort and its place within the cultural memory of my own country endow it with special personal significance." 

"Einfach alltäglich/Simple everyday" is an exhibition about the objects that facilitate and enrich our everyday life, it brings together about 200 such objects, made available by contributors form various creative professions. Completed by short, personal texts, this phenomenology of everyday life maps a world of everyday objects and offers an insight into the way we live our lives.

Aut. Architecture and tyrol
in the Adambräu / Südbahnstraße 
Lois-Welzenbacher-Platz 1 
6020 Innsbruck, Austria 

Opening hours: Tue - Fri 11am - 6pm; Sat 11am - 5pm 
Closed on public holidays 
Admission free