Stephen Bates' lecture at "Another modernism" conference in Rome

Stephen Bates will speak on "The room and the city" at the symposium organised by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome on the legacy of Italian post-war architecture.

Distinguishing itself from the more programmatic international modernism, these works are rooted in the ‘30s ideological rationalism, but also in historic architecture and rural building traditions. While clearly modernist, it is elaborated and complex, rich in experiments in geometry and unconventional uses of building materials and construction techniques.

Current interest in Italian post-war architecture as an influence on contemporary architectural practices throughout Europe is paralleled by a discussion on the value and restoration of this cultural heritage. The discourse spans questions on how to relate to the social program and the political values these buildings embrace and questions on how to critically value complex agents such as imperfectness, ageing, decay and patina - the very contradictions of modernism - in terms of restoration strategies.
"Another modernism" will present and discuss the legacy of Italian post-war architecture in terms of restoration practice, theory and influence on contemporary architecture.

Thursday 9th of November 2016
2:30 - 7:30 pm
Swedish Institute of Classical Studies
Via Omero 14, Rome