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Sempering exhibition at MUDEC, Milan

Part of the programme of events organised within the framework of the XXI International Expo, the title of the exhibition is a neologism coined by the curators, Laura Collina and Cino Zucchi, and refers to Gottfried Semper 's exploration of the relationship between technique and form and indicates 'a constructive action on a material or a component which leaves a meaningful formal trace in the final product.

The exhibition is organised around eight types of processes which investigate the relationship between surface and structure, architecture and construction. The Centre for the applied arts, Ruthin is included as an example of 'folding' as an architectural gesture, a technique for transforming matter that can be expressed in modern ways while evoking an archetypal action.

MUDEC - Museum of Cultures 
Via Tortona 54 / Via Bergognone 34
from 2nd April to 12th September 2016