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SBa to take part in Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017

SBa have been invited to take part in "Make New History", the 2017 edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.  The two central themes of this year’s edition curated by Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee of the Los Angeles-based firm Johnston Marklee & Associates are the connection between history and modernity and the relationship between architecture and art.

"At a time when there is too much information and not enough attention – when a general collective amnesia perpetuates a state of eternal presentness – understanding the channels through which history moves and is shaped by architecture is more important than ever. A generation of architects has noted  a renewed interest in precedents of architecture. Committed to progress, but always from within an architectural tradition, these architects are producing innovative and subversive work grounded in the fundamentals of the discipline, and rooted in the fabrics of the cities where they are built […]. The Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017 will showcase the diversity of work form around the world to examine the underpinnings of this resurgence of historical interest."

Participants have been invited to respond to the Chicago Tribune tower competition briefs of 1922 and 1981. This third iteration will involve reimagining the tower as a scale model. Collectively these elements will produce not a street, but a Hypostyle Hall. Together with Adolf Loos’ 1922 submission – on over-scaled Tuscan column – and Ludwig Hilbersmeier’s unbuilt scheme, participants’ submissions will be assembled in Yates Hall at the Chicago Cultural Centre.  The installation doubles the city scenography, placing 16 foot contemporary icons against the Yates windows and the tower line beyond.

16 September 2017 - 7 January 2018
Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington St. 
Chicago, IL 60602