Jonathan Sergison talks to archithese about Vertical City at the Chicago Biennial

One of the highlights of the 2017 edition of the Chicago Biennial is the reinterpretation of the legendary competition for the Chicago Tribune Tower. The original brief called for "the most beautiful and eye-catching building in the world"and many renowned architects of the time took part - among them Walter Gropius, Eliel Saarinen and Adolf Loos. For this year's edition of the Biennial, curators Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee invited 16 international architects to reinterpret the skyscraper. 

SBa submitted a tower inspired by the stacking of classical Corinthian columns, whose massive stone discs are laid one on top of the other, with flutes aligned to form a singular form and by the Rachel Whiteread’s use of casting at architectural scale.

"The tower is directly related to one of the projects we are currently working on in the London studio: a tall, thin tower in west London. In this sense our exhibit is less speculative than many of the others on show in Vertical City. The exhibition afforded us the opportunity to make the largest model of a project we have ever produced."