[Home at Arsenale] A curated library at the Venice Biennale

Dekleva Gregoric Architects responded to the Architecture Biennale theme ‘Reporting from the Front’ by addressing the topics of home and dwelling as current, critical social and environmental issues. A 1:1 inhabitable wooden structure performs as a curated library for exploring the concepts of home and dwelling. Stephen Bates was one of several architects, artists and critics invited to contribute a selection of some 10 books addressing the notions of home and dwelling to share their experience and expertise ‘from their fronts’ and build a library of collective knowledge. At the end of the Biennale, the installation and its 300 books will relocate to the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana and continue to be available to the public.

Stephen Bates’ selected books:
Life in the English Country House, Mark Girouard, 1978
Without Rhetoric: An Architectural Aesthetic 1955-1972, Alison and Peter Smithson, 1974The English House, Hermann Muthesius, 2002
Home: A Short History of an Idea, Witold Rybczynski, 1987
The Perfect House, Witold Rybczynski 2003
Species of Spaces and other Places (Espèces d'spaces), Georges Perec, 1974
Rock my Religion, Dan Graham, 1994
Thinking Architecture, Peter Zumthor, 1998
The House and the City: Diener & Diener, Roger Diener, Martin Steinmann (eds.), 1995
A Pattern Language, Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa, Murray Silverstein, 1977
Josef Frank: Writings (v. I, II), Josef Frank, 2013
Papers 2, Sergison Bates architects, 2007
Papers 3, Sergison Bates architects, 2016
Feeling at home, Sergison Bates architects, 2012
Buildings, Sergison Bates architects, 2012