Application submitted for innovative care facility at Windlesham for All of Us

The Windlesham care home project has been submitted for planning permission to Surrey Heath Borough Council. Together with leading care experts Dementia Care Matters, SBa are part of the specialist team appointed by All of Us to ensure that all aspects of the proposed care home, from design to operation and maintenance, are of the highest quality.

The project aspires to break with traditional healthcare models that mirror hospital environments by proposing facilities that feel, look and sound like homes. The care home provides the full range of care services and nursing support though a cluster of 'households' that share a number of facilities, such as spa bathrooms and storage.

Households are formed by 8 people living together with the staff as equal members and interiors can be adapted to meet increasing needs over time as residents' physical and cognitive requirements progress. People are matched according to their care needs, creating a therapeutic environment that enables people, regardless of their condition, to live well.